About us

On The Line is a lifestyle and clothing brand founded in 2021 by a young and ambitious entrepreneur who has a passion for clothing and sports. For his ambitions in life, he sets high goals and is determined to achieve them. While working on these goals, he experienced that a certain lifestyle is needed to achieve a goal. A lifestyle where ambition, desire, self-suggestion, belief, imagination, positivity, and perseverance are central. He has applied this by focusing on himself and putting his time and energy into things that give him positive energy. From the moment he started living this way, he discovered that with this lifestyle everything is possible in life. More importantly, he experienced a happier life. From these experiences, he developed a desire to inspire and motivate other people to have this lifestyle. With this lifestyle, you’re On The Line.
This lifestyle has been the inspiration for the lifestyle and clothing brand named ‘On The Line’. We started looking for a way to incorporate a combination of these passions and lifestyle into a product. We found this combination in street- and sports-style clothing. With this lifestyle and clothing brand, we give people the opportunity to express this lifestyle both on the field and off the field. We believe that this lifestyle and clothing brand will contribute to people’s desire to pursue their ambitions, believe in themselves, achieve their goals and be positive in life. As a company, we want to bring more positivity to the world.


Our mission

On The Line is a lifestyle and clothing brand that stands for a lifestyle that allows you to achieve your goals in life by focusing on positive thoughts and feelings. Your positive thoughts will manifest themselves which will attract positivity. This mindset ensures that you are on the line to achieving your goals in life and are ready to go down this road.

Mission in brief: Inspiring and motivating people around the world to pursue their ambitions, believe in themselves, achieve their goals and be positive in life


Our vision

On The Line aims to be an established lifestyle and clothing brand around the world within and outside the sport. As a brand, we want to build a community that everyone who identifies with this lifestyle can join and come to new connections. In this community, like-minded people come together to inspire, motivate and support each other.  On The Line wants to play a social role by, among other things, being consciously engaged in sustainable entrepreneurship. We also want to engage in circular entrepreneurship, by giving our clothing a second life. In addition, we want to provide support in the lives of disadvantaged people who have more difficulties achieving their life goals. On The Line wants to do this by using their knowledge, community, and financial resources to help these people to be on the line to achieve their goals.

Vision in brief: Making it possible for everyone to achieve their goals in life.


As a company, we want to bring more positivity to the world.

Brand Values


Resolute, Desire, Imagination, Dreams, Success

Anything is possible in life as long as you believe it by yourself.


Self-suggestion, Belief, Happiness, Self-confidence, Conscious

If you’re positive in life, you’ll attract positivity.


Healthy, Energetic, Honest, Fun, Winner

When you are physically and mentally healthy you will become the best version of yourself.


Charismatic, Attention, Creative, Motivating, Enthusiasm

Generate enthusiasm and motivation in yourself and others.


Passion, Innovative, Adventurous, Brave, Freedom

Go for your goals and never give up, even if you don’t know what’s coming your way.

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